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Welcome the Home of the Video Game Clan known as
Base And System Services (Or [bass] for short)

[bass] is a gaming community that was born on the Australian GetOnIt Freelancer Server. We now play a wide variety of games, but still adhere to our code of respect for other players.

When we play online, we identify ourselves with the tag [bass]-before our names, and use our Facebook page, our Web Site and our Forums to organize times to get together to play.

One of the best experiences in gaming is playing on the same side with a bunch of people that you know well. [bass] is a vehicle to do that.

We're built around the concept of casual gaming; there's never anyone saying, "why weren't you the battle on Friday? You're out!" If you can play great, if not, that's fine too. Real life always takes precedence over anything virtual in [bass].

We play video games with a style that allows everyone to enjoy the game. We respect other players. We don't trash talk or wine. We don't insult people or rage quit. We're there to have fun. If we win we win, if not it's just a game.

Online Content

In addition to organizing game times, we also provide Video Gamers Blog, a Screening Room of videos both developed by [bass] members and from around the globe, a Photo Album of great (and not so great) Gaming moments in [bass] history, and many of the Neural Nets written by members and friends of [bass].

What is a Neural Net you ask? It is fan fiction, originally developed around the game Microsoft Freelancer. Freelancer had a "Ships Log" function called a Neural Net, that kept you up to date and told much of the story in the game. Over time, the gamers with the necessary skills and inclination, took to writing their own, based on what was happening on the server at the time--or based on their own imagination entirely. This added a richness to the game that let it maintain popularity for years.

So check back often. We plan to keep this site current and pertinent to today's gaming world. In general, We'll post anything a gamer might find interesting. We hope you have fun here, and that we can enhance your gaming experience--after all, if a game isn't fun, then there's no point in playing.

Be sure to check out the latest from the [bass] Community below!

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